Frequently Asked Questions

My text service has discontinued. How do I restart?

The easiest way is to text "Start" (without the quotes) to 69866. Another option is to log into your account, select Account, Account Settings, and change Messaging State from Disabled to Enabled.

I've changed mobile carriers (for example, from AT&T to Verizon), and I don't get my text messages any more. How do I get them to restart?

Text "Start" (without the quotes) to 69866.

When I reply to the text message, will I get a text message to verify that you received and recorded my mood rating?

No. You can verify that we received it, by logging into your account and viewing your chart.

I didn't get to respond to the text until after midnight. Will my mood response be recorded for the day I was prompted or for today?

If you reply after midnight, your response will be recorded for the following day.

For whom is this service intended?

Mood24/7 can be used by anyone who wants to track his or her moods on a daily basis. It can be used in coordination with a physician or completely on your own. If you use this service in coordination with a physician, you can allow your physician to view your mood data online by entering that physician’s code while logged into your account (the physician must already have a physican’s code set up in the system) or by sending an invitation to view your mood data to your physician’s email address.

You can also invite trusted friends and family to view your data as well by entering their email address while logged into your account.

Why is this being done using text messages (SMS)?

Most people own a mobile phone making it an ideal device through which a reminder to record one’s mood can be sent. Although smart phones like the iPhone and Droid are capable of running applications natively, SMS text messaging remains the single most ubiquitous and reliable way to send and receive information on a mobile device.

Users of Mood24/7 simply register at and then receive a daily reminder asking what their average daily mood is. Replying with that mood rating and optional annotation is all one needs to do to record mood data in his or her account.

What happens if I miss a day?

If you miss a day, no data point for that day will be displayed in your Mood24/7 chart. To ensure mood data is as accurate as possible, the Mood24/7 system doesn’t provide a way to backfill mood data after a particular day has passed. Any reply to a daily reminder received before midnight of that day will be recorded as the mood data point for that day. Replies received after midnight will be recorded in the day they are received.

Can I share my mood chart with friends or with my doctor?

Absolutely! From the main page, click "Share Your Chart" above the chart, or go directly to the Trusted Circle tab on the right.

In your Trusted Circle, you can share your chart with your doctor, using a Provider ID if you don't have an email address.

You can also invite any of your friends and family to view your mood chart by entering their email addresses. You can remove their access at any time.

Are my responses kept secure and confidential? Who has access to my mood chart?

Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. This site uses https (secure http) to encrypt all data that you send to the website, and we store all personally identifiable information such as email addresses or phone numbers in encrypted form. No one has access to view your mood chart besides you and anyone you explicitly grant permission to by inviting them to join your Trusted Circle.

You can learn more about our privacy policy here.

Who can see my notes? Who can see notes my friends add? Who can see notes my doctors add?

We want to be clear. Only you, and doctors you authorize, will be able to see ALL notes added to your account. That is, you and your doctors will be able to see your notes, notes from all friends, and notes from all doctors.

Friends, on the other hand, will ONLY be able to see notes you add, and notes that they themselves add to the site. Friends can NOT see notes from other friends, and they can NOT see notes from your doctors.

Test Your Phone Number

Test if your phone can receive text messages from a short code by typing your phone number (eg, 16065551212) and clicking Send.

If you don't receive confirmation within 30 minutes, call your carrier by dialing 611 from your phone and ask to be able to receive texts from a short code. is part of Remedy Health Media